Map of Glenora

The exclusive quality of Glenora began in 1906 when Montreal realtor James Carruthers placed a caveat on the land, which required that no house built in Glenora could cost less than $3,500. Also in 1906, when Edmonton was selected to be the capital city of Alberta, many professionals choose to live in the area as they developed their careers and built their families in the new city. Glenora and the surrounding residential area grew significantly. Many of the original homes constructed in the land boom of 1912 remain in Glenora, while other homes have been rebuilt over past decades.

The neighbourhood has several schools, parks, and open spaces, including access to the river valley and ravine system. Alexander Circle Park, located at the centre of a circular residential pattern, is an example of the “garden suburb” design concept that emerged in the early 20th century.

Some commercial services are available along Stony Plain Road, with recent improvements by the city, Stony Plain Road is more accessible, better designed and pedestrian-friendly. Also bordering Glenora is one of Edmonton’s most vibrant shopping districts and home to some of Edmonton’s finest restaurants, boutiques, and galleries on 124th St.