Map of Grovenor

Grovenor is populated by more than 2,300 residents who reside in single-detached residences for the most part. Infill redevelopment is more popular today and new residential structures have been built every decade contributing a mix of housing types and styles. Since the sixties, redevelopment occurred by way of duplexes and low rise apartments.
A commercial center located at 149th Street provides a large range of amenities for local residents. In addition more commercial options for community members along Stony Plain Road – this is a direct line to the downtown core.
The McKinnon Ravine serves as the southern boundary of Grovenor giving residents excellent access to the River Valley via walkways and trails. The community extends north to 107th Avenue, east to 142nd Street and west to 149th Street.
“the Grovenor Community League is investing in the future: with new water and skateboard parks and a general upgrading of playground equipment scheduled for 2010. We are also in the process of designing a new hall, which will be one of Edmonton’s most environmentally-friendly rental facilities.”
(Source: Grovenor Community League, City of Edmonton)