St. Albert

Map of St. Albert

Minutes from Edmonton the City of St. Albert has lots to offer its almost 66,000 residents. From the city’s Arden Theatre (host to more than 150 performances a year!) to the outdoor Red Willow Trail system (85 kilometres of trail!) there is so much recreation and culture to participate in and enjoy. The City is home to the International Children’s Festival, one of the longest running Children’s Festivals in North America.

Favorite Fun Facts:

St. Albert was voted “#1 Best Small City to Live in Canada” by MoneySense Magazine in 2016
The average household income in St. Albert in 2010 was just over $136,000; the third highest for a municipality in Alberta.

The Outdoor Farmers’ Market, held in downtown St. Albert, is Western Canada’s largest outdoor farmers’ market.

Known for its parks and green spaces, St. Albert has over 80,000 trees.

Also, soon to be available (as soon as 2020) is the Regional Smart Fare System – for use on board buses and LRT in the City of St Albert, Edmonton, Strathcona County. This is a “tap and go” fare payment system that will make paying for transit as easy as buying a coffee. Customers will be able to use their credit cards, debit cards, other compatible smart cards and smart devices like a phone or watch. Since one account can be used on all participating transit systems, it will make travel across these regions super easy for customers.

(Source: City of St. Albert, City of Edmonton)