Map of Westmount

Nearly 6000 Edmontonians call Westmount home. Another historical community with a healthy and vibrant pulse today. For the history buffs, you can learn more on the annexation of the Groat homestead to the City of Edmonton in the early 1900’s. Even then, Westmount, particularly the area bordering the Groat Ravine, owned a reputation as an attractive residential area for wealthy and professional people.

Although extensive renovation and tasteful infill development has occurred along its residential streets, Westmount has retained many of its older homes. It is now a mixed-use neighborhood with a variety of residential, institutional, recreational, commercial, and light industrial land uses within easy walking distance of each other.

Westmount is made up of and supported by many small businesses and organizations. The 124th Street shopping area and Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) runs north-south through the neighbourhood, acting as a central spine for the community.

Westmount has undergone COE Neighbourhood Renewal. One that consists of removal and replacement of public sidewalk, curb and gutter, streetlight replacement as required and reconstruction and paving of the road. A connected community of neighbors and business adopting the Abundant Community Initiative, one that is all about neighbourhood engagement, organization and community building.

(Source: Westmount Community League, City of Edmonton, 124th St Business Association)